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FinLex is a place where incredibly
talented people take care
of your business.

Our Mission
We aim to simplify your business with our solutions.
Our Vision
We keep building a worthwhile business culture and always give more than you expect.
Our Strategy
We relieve you from duties you have trusted us, so you feel safe and protected to go ahead and think only about developing your business ideas.


Reports sent


Years of Experience


Ideas Generated


Solutions Found

Why partners trust us?

As always, partners grow with us!
We are responsible for what we do
We are easy to work with
Your business is a value for us
We have Wide experience
We are professional solution makers
We give more than you expect
We are fast and responsive
We are open and honest
We go deep into your field

About us

Finlex Financial and Legal Consulting Company was founded in 2007 and due to creation of a unique corporate culture, the company keeps expanding.
Now about 50 highly qualified professionals of Finlex are making solutions for companies in various fields of industry both in Armenia and abroad, as well as in public sector. During the years of its activity, the company has become a realiable partner for many companies and a safe-support for more than 100 start-ups.

Our enthusiastic and continuously developing team loves his work, which is the most important base for our best results.

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