Your Internship At Finlex

Putting an emphasis on theoretical knowledge and its role in the formulation of highly qualified specialists, we do realize that practical knowledge has an important role in the establishment of the person as a specialist as well, thus we constantly organize internships at Finlex for those who want to implement the obtainment of theoretical knowledge.

We offer you to spend your internship at Finlex, which will enable you to:

  • practically apply your obtained theoretical knowledge
  • learn about different sectors of the economy embedded mechanisms and legal service features
  •  make your first steps in business activity and provide a basis for further professional growth

Teaching practice is envisaged for high course students from leading universities who specialize in economics or law. For participation in internships, please follow the three simple steps described in our site and send the .pdf version of the file to the e-mail mentioning in the subject line of the message “Internship Applicant” along with your name and surname.