We provide full range of business consulting services

Due to the skills gained over the years, Finlex is deemed today as one of the leading financial and legal consulting companies willing to solve any type of financial and legal problems of companies and natural persons. Driven by a unique approach of our Partners activity field, we offer possibly flexible and effective solutions and with maximum responsiveness find ways from seemingly unsolvable situations.

Business automation

Business automation helps you to organize your business related processes using computer technologies and software systems. It makes your business processes more effective, flexible and easily manageable- permitting you to save and use more effectively your resources.


Why Us?

We are honest in our work and we encourage ethical business conduct within the ideas of transparency, respect for the individual and society interests, environmental protection.

We are a kind of a mediator between state bodies and entities, disallowing violations of the latters’ rights by any state body and simultaneously increasing their legal awareness, for the latters to be aware and respect the laws defined in RA.