Legal Services

Finlex offers a complex range of legal services as for the legal entities and for the individuals as well. Our competent team is specialized in public and private law, as well as in all fields of international business law and provides professional legal consulting services as in Armenian as well as in Russian, English and French languages.

Contractual Law

  • Drafting and review of any Contract type (including in foreign languages).
  • Risk Assessments arising from Contracts
  • Legal assistance during the Contract proceeding negotiation phase

Corporate Law

  • Foundation, reconstruction (merger, acquisition, division, reorganization) and liquidation of companies of different organizational forms.
  • Foundation and liquidation of organization branches and their representations
  • Amendments of organization Charter capitals
  • Share consolidation and division
  • Drafting of any document type (minutes of the board, division balance sheet, transfer act etc.)
  • Company registration (registration support) in foreign countries
  • Tax, Financial, Administrative, Customs, Banking, Insurance and Subsoil Law
  • Representation of Partners interests and rights in tax, financial, administrative, customs, banking, insurance and subsoil legal relations.
  • Organization of any documentation type, review and consulting services (contract studies, preparation of necessary documents etc.) in the aforesaid fields.

Labor Law

  • Drafting of civil-legal contracts including labor contracts on work performance
  • Drafting of employer’s internal legal acts (internal disciplinary rules, orders, etc).

Proprietary Law

  • Arrangement and support of complex transactions of real estate real estate related research and analysis on more secure ways of transaction and its execution
  • Solution of legal issues related to intellectual property rights
  • Other forms of property-related legal assistance


  • Protection of the Partners rights and legal interests in courts (Courts of General Jurisdiction, Administrative Court, Courts of Appeal and Cessation)
  • Maintenance of Representation as a plaintiff, defendant and the third person
  • Negotiation conduction in trial and pretrial proceedings
  • Signing of Peace Accord by saving the Partner’s time and financial resources


  • Provision of full and detailed information on RA Legislation
  • Analysis on foreign legislation, international legal related regulations and provision of legal advice.
  • provision of legal risk assessment on entrepreneurial issues.
  • Multilateral and entire review and analysis of legal framework from the viewpoint of the business activity or transaction signing appropriateness as well as economical effectiveness.

Acquisition of Licenses and Permits

Arrangement of process for obtaining necessary licenses and permits for the company activity