Financial and Accounting Services

Finlex renders any type of financial and accounting services by providing more effective solutions for your business.

Tax Accounting: Rational planning of taxes, drafting (preparation) of statements and their submission to tax and other state bodies based on the legal and economic peculiarities of the company as well as conduction of tax accounting in accordance with the current legislation.

Financial Accounting: Accounting records maintenance, preparation and submission of financial statements, and their analysis in compliance with international standards and their guidelines (IFRS).

Managerial Accounting: A thorough review of the organization’s type and environment, based on their characteristic features, drafting of internal document flow and  oversight mechanisms (systems), actual inventory of assets and liabilities, planning, difference analysis of planned outcomes, preparation of any internal statement and its submission to relevant governing bodies.

Restoration of Accounting: Restoration of the carrying value of assets and liabilities at the date hereof and (or) the current state  of restoration.